Saturday, 5 July 2014

First Steps With A Camera

'Watch Yourself'

My first look into film practically was my two years of A Level. 'Watch Yourself' was a piece of course work for my second year and my first short film.

Short Film
Innovative Cinematography Techniques such as those used in Thomas Alfredson's 'Let The Right One In' 2008. Techniques to build tension used in the Psychological Horror genre such as music and camera angles.
To explore the use of a psychological 'monster' and how Cinematic Techniques can be used to create this.

A representation of human compulsion to direct their attention and worry to a distraction, instead of focusing on what should be the main priority (which is often ourselves).

Annabel wakes to a day that seems perfectly normal, she even has the perk of the day off, but little does she understand that all around her people are being 'taken' and the most important thing to do is watch yourself.

Vimeo Link - 'Watch Yourself'

I used a lot of extreme close ups and unusual camera angles 

Such as this underwater shot

Using these 'hidden' shots gives a sense of voyeur,
suggesting that 'Annabel' is being watched. 

I played with over laying footage.
Transforming the silhouetted figure into 'Annabel'

Fading her into nothing at the end of the short

I have improved a lot since this short. Gaining plenty of experience and footing in this 'world' of which I will get back onto of this blog and start talking about the work I have done.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Dark Matter - Frankenstein Toys (Brief)

I have been working at Trinity Catholic School for the second time.
The Title this year being Dark Matter.

I have taken inspiration from various artist, scientific biological documentation and of course Frankenstein. 
I've been working with student from Year 7 to Year 10. I am unsure about the final presentation of this project as I am unable to start working on the instillation part of it for the time being. I have concentrated of the word 'Dark', involving the students drawing exercises that use a different sense, touch. Exploring our assumptions, change, and how much we can interpret without our sight, as if we where in the 'Dark'.     

They've been producing first one drawing just by the touch of a toy they've never seen. Second a drawing under the same conditions but also blind (without looking at their paper) and guess what the toy was. They could then reveal the toy and see if their assumptions where correct and how accurate their drawing was. 
After one last drawing then they could change the toy to make their own.     

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Foundation Journal Writing with Wire, Day 8 Text Printing

Small note on Writing with wire.
I played with using wire to move text into a 3D medium. Their physical aspects portray their meaning e.g. the words Hanging Letters are hanging. It is important that they are hanging separately as if they weren't they would be hanging words.

Visual Communication

We then had an introduction to Visual Communication. After looking at how Typography and how Type Design is used in Visual Communication/Graphic Design I wanted to have a go myself. I did all of mine by hand and I concentrated on illustrating the text. My First Type Design Illustrations

Two beautiful examples of Typography and Type Design that I looked at the start of this project and then again when playing with working in the way.

Day 8 Monday 24th

I have been experimenting with wooden printing blocks to create text on a larger scale as statements. I have always had trouble with English and with verbal and written communication, I wanted to illustrate this in my text. For the first one I printed the words:
'Visual Communication
When I See A Lot Of Words On A White
Page They Make No Sense Nonesense
Jumbled Up Words
They Make Patterns Not Languigig

I printed them into the shape of an eye and they became unreadable.

I was working on A2 paper and so couldn't scan the whole image,
I had to photograph them with my snappy camera and so the colour and quality is inaccurate. 

The second time I printed how I felt about language but I repeated each line once with each line spelt slightly differently, it's not clearly marked out if either is correct but one is more than the other, it is hard to make sense of. I did both at the end of the day and so it was easier to make my normal mistakes. For one I tried to spell correctly but still made a few mistakes which shows after writing for a while or after a long day I can get muddled. The other I put it down as it came out my head with out thinking about it, this left me open to make all the normal mistakes that I stop myself from doing normally.

'I have an unusual and interesting way of spelling. I get nervous when written language it's hard to work out what's correct.'

For the last one I simply printed 'I'm Nervouse Perhapes Somtimes Terifid By Writting And Frustruated When I Can't Comunicting Legiblely' how it came out my head but with slight exaggeration to show the common mistakes. Most of the mistakes will find myself doing but not all at once and will go back and change them.

I can write legibly and I do have a C in English it is just something that I have to think twice about and check afterwards, all the mistakes I did in this work are mistakes that I often do, but not as frequently and I recognise them most of the time. I thought that printing was an interesting and effective method of presenting this as often letters won't come out perfectly or clearly and once it is down it can't be changed without making a complete mess. When printing I can't go back and change it from what I originally put. In this way I felt it shows what can happen when I communicate verbally, once you say something you can't erase it all you can do is correct it by repeating it again.  

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

My First Type Design Illustrations

My first go at creating images/drawings in this type design style for my Typography project.
All drawings are done by hand in a black ballpoint pen.
This one I cut out as I was playing with the medium.

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