Saturday, 5 July 2014

First Steps With A Camera

'Watch Yourself'

My first look into film practically was my two years of A Level. 'Watch Yourself' was a piece of course work for my second year and my first short film.

Short Film
Innovative Cinematography Techniques such as those used in Thomas Alfredson's 'Let The Right One In' 2008. Techniques to build tension used in the Psychological Horror genre such as music and camera angles.
To explore the use of a psychological 'monster' and how Cinematic Techniques can be used to create this.

A representation of human compulsion to direct their attention and worry to a distraction, instead of focusing on what should be the main priority (which is often ourselves).

Annabel wakes to a day that seems perfectly normal, she even has the perk of the day off, but little does she understand that all around her people are being 'taken' and the most important thing to do is watch yourself.

Vimeo Link - 'Watch Yourself'

I used a lot of extreme close ups and unusual camera angles 

Such as this underwater shot

Using these 'hidden' shots gives a sense of voyeur,
suggesting that 'Annabel' is being watched. 

I played with over laying footage.
Transforming the silhouetted figure into 'Annabel'

Fading her into nothing at the end of the short

I have improved a lot since this short. Gaining plenty of experience and footing in this 'world' of which I will get back onto of this blog and start talking about the work I have done.

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